Sometimes divorce is not the preferred option for separating parties, for example, where there are cultural issues associated with divorce or simply if the parties have not fully determined whether their relationship is over.

If the parties do not want to issue divorce proceedings but are looking at period of separation, it is still advisable to record any division of the matrimonial assets and any arrangements in respect of children. Such agreements can be an effective way of evidencing the split of the assets and can ultimately save the parties costs and time in the long run. However, it must be noted that agreements of this sort are not automatically binding and the Courts retain ultimate discretion as to whether the terms will be upheld.

In the event that a separation agreement is your preferred method of evidencing the division of any marital assets, it remains necessary for there to be full and frank disclosure of each party’s financial circumstances and strongly advisable for legal advice to be obtained as to the fairness of those terms.

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