What are my rights on redundancy?

Even if your employer has genuine reasons for redundancies, your dismissal could still be unfair and/or discriminatory. Your employer should have a fair selection process and carry out proper consultation about the redundancies before making any dismissals. There are legal consultation periods and requirements if there are 20 plus staff at risk of redundancy and compensation payable if ignored. If under 20 staff are at risk then there should be as much consultation as possible but no formal process.

Statutory redundancy is payable if you have two years plus service.  This based on age, length of service and current earnings subject to a statutory maximum. This is currently £538 for each year worked under the age of 41 and £807 for years over 41.

Some employers pay more for redundancy if you sign a settlement agreement. You must have independent legal advice on the settlement agreement before you sign and your employer should contribute to your legal fees for this advice.

We can advise you on your settlement agreement and redundancy rights. Also, whether you have any claims against your employer.



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