Warren Nichols’ areas of expertise and recent cases are:

  • relationship breakdowns (including divorce, civil partnership dissolution and unmarried couples),
  • matrimonial finance claims, provision for children (whether related to contact, residence, parental responsibility or maintenance),
  • pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements,
  • cohabitation disputes, trusts of land and injunctions (including non-molestation and occupation orders as well as freezing applications).

Financial Settlement (Divorce)

Warren successfully negotiated a pre-trial settlement for a client based abroad in circumstances where the slow economic climate in that jurisdiction had impacted greatly on the perceived value of jointly owned assets.

With extensive expert evidence on both sides, Warren was able to achieve a settlement whereby the client largely retained the capital he wanted for a greatly reduced lump sum payment to the wife to buy out her interests - fulfilling the client's expressed goal from the outset of the case.

Financial Settlement (Divorce)

Following an acrimonious two-year Court battle, Warren's client successfully defended a wife's exorbitant maintenance claim to the extent that this was cut by 68% on her initial pleaded case.

Due to the extensive debts which had accrued during the marriage (which the wife sought to set off against the client's own capital share of the assets rather than jointly), it was necessary for the Court to take these justified debts into consideration when determining the level of maintenance: (a) the client could afford to pay; and (b) in assessing whether there was any merit to an order for sale being imposed on a US-based property in the knowledge that any benefit the parties may collectively enjoy from it would be swallowed up and immediately earmarked for part settlement of a Government debt.

Ultimately, the client was awarded a settlement at trial largely based on very favourable terms Warren had anticipated some 6 months earlier.

Financial Settlement (Divorce)

Warren was recently instructed by a client who had informally agreed terms of financial settlement with his wife directly before seeking legal advice in a medium net worth case.

On considering the terms against the financial needs of each party, Warren successfully negotiated a reduction in the lump sum payment to be paid to the other party by £50,000.00 on the basis that the terms did not accurately cater for the client’s medium to long-term needs.

No separate application to Court was required on the basis that financial remedy proceedings had not been commenced.  The lump sum was negotiated down and amended terms were subsequently agreed and filed at Court.

Trusts of Land (Cohabitation Dispute)

Warren was instructed by a client when his claim to the beneficial interest in a former home shared with his ex-partner was defended.

The client had contributed towards the purchase of the property by paying the initial deposit sum as well as the mortgage for a period of 2 years.  There was then a period of prolonged silence before Warren was retained to pursue an application under the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996 to force the sale of the property and recover the client’s interest.

The case settled and the client recovered his initial deposit plus 50% of the current net equity in the property, its value having increased significantly since the date of purchase.

Children (Change of Name)

Warren acted on behalf of a mother who wanted, for welfare issues in relation to her children, to change their surnames without the father’s consent.

The father held parental responsibility for the children and opposed the application but it was found that the children (who consented to the name change) faced a risk of persecution by association if their names were not altered.

The client’s application was successful.